Our History

Initially GKR was a vision brought to reality by Roosevelt Miller - founder and former president of GKR Music Mission, Inc.  Mr. Miller's love for music is what pushed him to design a program that would incorporate music and other areas of performing arts; a program that would serve low-income communities and aide underprivileged students by providing resources to help them explore their talents. GKR was established in Cocoa, Florida and incorporated as a non profit organization on February 5, 2007 in the state of Florida.

The developmental phases of GKR Music Mission ranged from 2007 to 2012. Five years of planning, preparing and revising our program structures to ensure that this non profit organization would truly be a benefit to the community. In 2010  Mr. Miller resigned as President and Lakesha Woods was elected to be President by GKR Music Mission's Board of Directors.

Today and Tomorrow

Today and going forward GKR Music Mission actively implements the plans that were so diligently constructed years ago. We now offer programs in both Florida and in North Carolina. GKR organized as a non profit association in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. We currently hold a federal tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3).

We have an ongoing open enrollment for classes in several areas of music, which all run simultaneously for 9 months out of the year. Each class is free for the first 4 weeks and are offered at a discounted tuition rate or for free to those who qualify.

Extended Services (Food, Clothes & Motivation)

Realizing that the need for balance is essential to the success of ones life; we could not ignore the fact that people need to be fed, clothed and motivated before they can unlock their potential talents or be productive on a daily basis. All too often we see children who are enriched with talent but they have no motivation to try because they are so impoverished - hungry, homeless, inadequately clothed and depressed. Parents with low-incomes are even more discouraged, over-worked, under paid an left with no zeal to encourage their child to dream. So, who's thinking of spending money on talent when they can't even find $1.00 to buy burger from the dollar menu? All of the above reasons is why GKR decided to extend services to aide families in need:

Water to Wine Pantry provides food and toiletries and Sucha' Lady Thirft Shop offers slightly used clothing for women at a significantly reduced price. For those who qualify they will receive a voucher to shop for free. In the city of Macon we are able to offer assistance through our sister agency - CORR HOPE. We aim to help children and families achieve balance so they can unlock their hidden talents!

Empowerment sessions: Every program includes a free empowerment sessions, free motivational pamphlets and by appointment free sessions or referrals to speak with trained life coaches.

Our Accomplishments

During our early years the music and performing arts program was much smaller. Nonetheless, Mr. Miller actively coached and developed the talent of GKR music students. He and other music instructors, (including Isaac Woods Jr.) helped students with vocal lessons and stage presence which led some students to achieve remarkable milestones in their musical careers. Seven students have been promoted from beginning to intermediate classes since our program launched re-launched in 2011.

In addition to our music mission, we can proudly say that from 2012 to 2013 GKR has fed over 75 people and housed over 12 families, endangered teens and displaced individuals. Partnering with other Community Programs... GKR also contributed 95 hours of time to assist Enjoy Life Magazine with its Youth Internship Program.

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